Town Car Taxi Service BBB Business Review


Pricing and Rates

Trip Minimum: $70 Cash / $75 Card Scheduled Trip Minimum, Gratuity Included.

The $70 cash or $75 card scheduled trip minimum size is approximately 25 miles of service plus a 20% gratuity.  Additional tolls, wait time, or other fees not included would need to be added to this minimum as they apply to your trip.


Payment Methods and Pricing:

Cash Price - preferred cash lower rate - the cash price is approximately $5 cheaper per every hundred spent.

Card Price - Debit and Credit - Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Card payments processed remotely through email invoice or through information provided over the phone, email, text or on file (provided previously) may incur an additional processing fee to be determined and quoted or added to the total on a case by case basis.  It usually is $5 per hundred extra, but may vary.


Late Night and Holiday Service:

Service after 10 PM and on Holidays may incur an additional fee on a case by case basis.  These fees will be incorporated into the quote given for that trip request when the date and time is known.  Some times quotes are requested but these details are not provided.


SUV and Max Capacity Fees:

When an SUV is requested or required due to large capacity groups there usually is an SUV fee for the maximum sized vehicle and fuel charges.  This is determined on a case by case basis and is incorporated in the quote provided as long as those details were known when the quote was requested.  If we send an SUV and it is not requested or required then there is no additional charge.


Trip Cancellation, No Show and Collections Policies:

Trip reservations may be cancelled without any penalty up to two hours before the scheduled pickup reservation time.  Reservation times may not be changed to circumvent this time period.  We ask that you please not wait that late as it does negatively impact our ability to fill that time slot and generate real income.  If no notice of cancellation is given ("No Show") or notice is given with less than two hours before the scheduled reservation time the full rate that was quoted (rate + tolls + taxes + additional fees if applicable + 20% gratuity) is due.  If collections activities are needed our time at $75/hour plus legal fees incurred will be passed onto the customer to pursue those efforts until it is resolved.


Out of Service Area Charges:

For trips beginning or ending out of our normal operating service area extra charges may be applied on a case by case basis to offset the driver's time and fuel to operate that far out of our normal business area.  Trips scheduled out of our normal service area may be required to prepay for their trips in advance.  The time and fuel spent to be in place or to return from a long one way trip can be sustantial.


Incidental Fees - Illness, Soiling or Damages to Vehicles, ($200 Minimum):

If vehicles incur spills, soiling, or other damage due to customer use, accidents or actions there is a minimum $200 or more per incident charge depending upon the extent of the damage or soiled areas.  (Examples of incidents include but are not limited to these examples:  the spilling, soiling, burning, abrasion, cutting, denting, staining, excessive wear from improper use, removal of parts, loss or damage from any customer, their luggage, work or personal items, the contents of any drink, food, any smoking item or vapor device, medication or drug, including among others alcohol, vomit, urine, feces or any other biological accident from motion sickness/illness or intoxicated passengers by any legal or illegal substance or an accident spilled in, soiling, or damaging the vehicle.  This fee represents not only the physical clean up charge, or repair charge, but also may reflect lost service time until proper repairs and sanitation are made to the area or vehicle including lost income while this vehicle and the driver are no longer able to conduct business until this is successfully remediated/cleaned properly.  The damages especially late at night may extend beyond the scope and price of your scheduled trip or even the cleaning or repair costs as clean up or repair facilities may be closed until the morning which may cause the vehicle to be unserviceable until then.  Customers attempts to clean up the mess do NOT negate the fees, but their efforts are appreciated.  Please drink/eat responsibly to avoid this.


Quote Modifications:

We take efforts to give an accurate total amount quote.  We are the only company we know that is aquoting the entire total: gratuity and tolls and everything included.  In the case there is an error/mistake or details are not known that effect the rate we reserve the right to modifiy our quote.  We strive to put the whole total with gratuity and all fees in the quote so there are no surprises.  Some times however, wait time are not anticipated or facts are not disclosed such as SUV and passengery and luggage capacity requirements and other details.  Some times our route options are blocked by accidents or traffic issues beyond our control.  In these cases we reserve the right to modify the total due to the reality that is present at that time.