Hourly Standby Service and Special Event Pricing.

We provide hourly service at rates of:

$70/Hour for Sedans, and $75/Hour for Suburbans and SUVs, plus 20% gratuity and a three hour continous time minimum.  Tolls and additional fees for long distance locations may apply based each situation.

Special Events Services - Arrange better alternatives for your family and guests:

  • Bride and Groom Wedding Departure
  • Family and Wedding Guest Airport and Hotel transfers
  • Standby guest shuttle between hotels and event, wedding or reception. 
  • Standby Service for executives, visitors, families and personal or corporate guests.
  • Corporate facility visits and tours
  • Other events





Most of our vehicles are now black limo style.  The pictures below are older but represent the service.  We operate mostly black limo suburbans (like above) and black limo Town Cars without lettering or numbers.  We do have a few drivers who still operate the blue Towne Car labeled taxis like below.