Remote Pay From Most Locations.

Card Payment Accepted Via Email From Most Locations.

Debit and Credit Card Remote Payment And Prepayment Options.


Remote Pay For Trips (if they qualify) For Your:

  • Family Members and Friends,

  • Customers or Clients,

  • Visitors or Perspective Buyers,

  • Employees.


Debit and Credit Card Payments Accepted Remotely for Taxi/Limo Town Car and SUV Trips.  (we do not operated stretch limos, party buses or vans.)


Trip Minimum $70/$75.


Trips can be prepaid remotely from most locations via email now. 

We used to have to call customers and gather up all your payment details over the phone and then key it in manually on our end after the call.  We do not even need to know your payment details now - that is all no longer necessary.

Most of our drivers use the company Square to process our debit and credit card transactions. (Square is the company that I use.  If we send you an invoice to remote pay please look for an email from Square in your email inbox.)

Square uses their own secure email payment link that I send directly to you via email once I set up your specific trip invoice if you request that or it is required for your trip to be placed.


The scheduling and payment process

  1. Send In Your Trip Details - Text or email your trip details to cell 281-753-2285, or email:, (if we are able/to do your trip and it qualifies for what we do we will begin to set up your trip, or we will notify you if we cannot help you with that request if that is the case),
  2. Setting The Trip Up - We will set up all your trip details and send it back to you for you to confirm, (I do these between trips and when I am not driving or taking customers or needing a break.),
  3. Please Review and Confirm- Please review the trip details specifics we have and confirm if thay are are all complete and correct.   When confimed by you, then we place it on our schedule,
  4. Invoice Created - Then if you request it or if it is required, we can create and send you an invoice by email to remotely prepay.  *For some trips especially large trips and for out of town trips prepayment is required. 
  5. Invoice Paid Notification and Receipt - When you click on the invoice payment option and enter and send you payment details it automatically sends us an email notification that the "invoice was paid" and it sends you a receipt via email to your email address used.


Once you receive the invoice by email click on the payment option and enter your debit/credit card payment information and submit them.  Those payment details go directly to Square the card processing company and we no longer need to know your payment details or need to gather those payment details up from you on our end.  Square will send you a payment receipt to your email address after the payment is complete. 

It is that easy and we no longer have to deal with or even know your payment details.

We are one of the few companies that can sometimes on the same day schedule and allow you to prepay for a trip for yourself or someone else and then go get them.  We have had many out of town family members or employees picked up on trips that were set up and prepaid by others across town paying remotely from other cities and states. 


Thanks and God Bless,

Jason W. Fermier