We are a collection of some of the best independent Taxi and Limo drivers available in the Greater Houston Metro Area. 

 We are a collection of networked independent high quality taxi and limousine licensed personal drivers.


We schedule quality taxi and limo trips by matching up available quality drivers and vehicles with customers seeking reliable high quality service. 

Through scheduled reservations we match up customers with happy hand picked quality drivers who speak English, know where they are going, keep their vehicles clean well maintianed and safe, are well groomed, have acceptable professional social norms and operate as true professionals.  Each independent personal driver operates one of the best maintained vehicles in this industry.  


Accurate Pricing

No surprises - through our reservation process we set the full rate (gratuity, tolls, taxes all charges included) for your trip and let you know ahead of time what the actual full price is.  We get your approval of all the trip details before the trip is scheduled.  Usually a map of the general route showing the locations is also sent so we all know ahead of time exactly what to expect for this trip.  No more lost drivers with vaque excuses.


Much Better Communication

Communication is key.  No more frustration on hold waiting to speak to a company about your driver.

 Text message is the preferred method for sending and receiving trip details and communicating with customers and drivers.  Our text messages are detailed and very through, not the sloppy text messages the average public sends.  We use text messaging as a digital medium for sending very complete trip details and organizing and promoting a much better communication processes with our customers. 


Text Messages - It's not what my might think...

Storing and Organizing Your Communication Until We Can Respond

Sending your trip details and communications via text message helps us tremendously.  We of course are often driving and with customers and cannot take down your trip details or answer your detailed pricing questions at the moment you call.  Your text message communications and trip details can be sent to us while we are still unavailable and organized and waiting for us on the phone for when we are free to respond and process the information.  Your communication is linked to the your phone number, organized and waiting for us when we are available to respond.  We can also send information via email and by phone when necessary.  Emails are not checked as often so that is the slowest way to communicate with us.  Callers are often directed to please send over your information via text message as this is the preferred way it is stored, sorted and responded to once we are available to respond.  There may be others ahead of you that we need to process first before pricing and scheduling your trip.


Communication Access

The communication options available to you the customer is much more direct.  Your driver will have you and your cell number on their personal schedule prior to your trip and you will also receive their personal contact number and information if it is not Jason Fermier personally coming for your trip.  You have a direct line of communication available to both Town Car Taxi Service - Jason Fermier (281-753-2285) and to your driver if we have sent another driver to take care of you.  Each driver is independent and I take as many trips daily as I am able and the rest I place with other quality operators that I have hand picked.


Finding the Best Drivers

Through our network or great drivers we help you find the quality independent taxi/limo driver who can help.  We have identifed them from among the huge mass of operators out there and can send you a quality solution for your trip.  This helps the better quality operators stay busy, productive and helps them remain customer focused, friendly and appreciating you their source of business not some taxi company dispatcher. 

Each driver is hand picked and is generally more accountable than other drivers operating through an impersonal larger company computerized dispatching system.  I am one of those drivers and I take as many trips daily as I can do and place the rest with the best who are available then.  



We are not trying to do everything in the Taxi/Limo business, but we are doing this well for our customers and drivers.  Please see our testimonials as evidence of this dramatic improvement in service.  You can get high quality service by placing your quality reservations with Town Car Taxi Service.  We are not the discount solution, we are the best solution for trips $70/$75 and above which are priced right and generous.