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Your Own Independent Personal Driver

Higher Quality Limo and Taxi Drivers by Reservation:

Trips By Reservation With High Quality Proven Drivers.

Minimum: $70 Cash or $75 Debit/Credit Card Minimum, Gratuity Included.



Full-Time Professional Personal Drivers In Quality Vehicles - by Reservations.

  • Personal Drivers
  • Solid Reservations with Proven Drivers
  • High Quality Standards
  • Fully Licensed
  • Properly Insured
  • Well Maintained Vehicles
  • Full-Time Independent Drivers




IAH and HOU Airport Pickups:  Standing By for Mr/Mrs...(?)... 


Reserve a quality licensed, proven and properly insured full-time personal driver. 

I take as many trips as I can myself Mon-Sat, and I have other independent drivers that I send when I cannot come myself and on Sundays.  Schedule your next trip ahead of time and let us reserve a quality, licensed and proven personal driver for you.




Our Independent Personal Drivers Operate These Quality Vehicles:

  • Chevrolet/GMC Suburbans, Tahoes
  • Lincoln Town Cars
  • Lincoln MKSs
  • GMC Yukon XL
  • Lincoln Navigator L

We Do Not Operate:  Stretch Limos, Party Buses or Vans.



Reliable Reservations With Good Drivers and Vehicles.

Scheduled Trip Minimum Size:  $70 Cash or $75 Debit/Credit Card, Gratuity Included.

We use independent drivers who are licensed, customer focused, take safety and maintenance seriously and bring a genuine service attitude to their jobs.

Your personal safety and your personal information are all safe with the drivers we use.

We are a collection of some of the best independent Taxi and Limo drivers available in the Greater Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands and Tomball metro areas. 

We are the quality independent small business men & women in this industry.

We schedule each trip with an available great driver. 

Jason Fermier personally takes as many customers as possible and schedules the rest with quality drivers working along side him.

Start building a relationship with us now for a better traveling experience.

Let us help you find a better solution than just calling a random car or cab.

Excellence priced right and generous for both customer and driver.

We are not the discount solution.  There will always be those discounting their services to get your business.  There are many many drivers that come into this business just to make money without regard to building a business.  Many drivers out there see you the customer as a commodity just like you may view our services as just "catching a cab."  We don't look at it like that.  Wouldn't you like to find and work with the drivers who are customer focused, take safety and maintenance seriously and bring a genuine service attitude to their jobs.  What a pleasant experience that can be for everyone involved. 


No Discounting Needed

If you are doing your business well why would you need to discount it?  That is usually a red flag something under the hood isn't right, sometimes literally as well as figuratively.  Unwarranted discounts to undermine competition ultimately confuses customers and the market as to what the real value is that we provide.  We are not a commodity.  Viewing transportation options solely on cost, ease or speed is short sighted and unwise.


We are the quality transportation to help you operate safely, on time and in good taste while keeping you and your personal details and belongings intact. 


Customers with qualified trips who are generous and reliable are precious to our business.  Our networked personal drivers are independent small business men and women who have to make continual good business decisions regarding their efforts, income, and security.  Become a regular, reliable, easy to communicate with and generous customer so we can remain focused on taking care of you.  We are looking to find those customer relationships that qualify for our business model and spend our time simply taking care of them with the best service we can.  We are the best solution for trips $70/$75 and larger which are priced right and generous.  We have happy drivers and happy customers and believe both are rewarded well by our business model.  We are interested in forming long term rewarding relationships with our customers.  This is how we build our business one happy customer and driver at a time.



We schedule personalized service through our network of independent drivers, known as:  Town Car Taxi Service- Jason Fermier.

Through reservations with our happy hand picked drivers you will receive higher quality, much better communication and more reliable service.  Each driver operates their own well maintained vehicle and focuses on keeping the highest standards while serving you.  You can have a better experience.  Become a long time loyal customer and help us stay customer focused, friendly and appreciating serving you.  Each driver is hand picked by Jason Fermier and is more accountable than most.  We match up qualified customers with quality qualified drivers.  Please see our testimonials as evidence of this dramatic improvement in service.  You actually can get high quality reliable service by reservation for qualified trips over $70 cash/$75 card.


We Take Reservations For Trips $70/$75 and Above In These Areas:

We take reservations for trips all over the following areas: Houston, Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, Sugar Land, Conroe, Clear Lake, Spring, Cypress, The Woodlands, La Porte, Tomball and other locations.  We are not based in your local area and we do not schedule short trips below $70/$75.  You would need to call a standard taxi company for trips below $70/$75.  We will consider doing shorter trips if you would like to pay the $70/$75 minimum or more and it does not conflict with other previously scheduled trips.  However, we suggest you simply call another taxi company who has drivers in your neighborhood close by and available for those smaller local trips.


The Minimum Trip Size We Schedule is

$70 cash or $75 Debit/Credit Card, Gratuity Included.

The $70/$75 minimum is approximately 25 miles of service plus a 20% gratuity.  Tolls, wait time and any taxes are not included and would need to be added as needed to this minimum.




  • Trusted Reservations
  • Reliable Quality Service
  • Hassle Free Experiences


We fill the gap between ordinary Taxis & Limousine Services

Trusted reservations, personal service, better cars and drivers.

  • Airport Trips, Airport Transfers
  • Across Town Trips
  • Reserved Car Dedicated Hourly Service (Hourly Rate: $70-$75/hr + 20% Gratuity, 3-4 hour minimum)
  • Special Event Service (shuttles between locations for guests, standby for intoxicated or elderly guests as needed)
  • Our Scheduled Trip Minimum is $70 Cash or $75 Debit/Credit Card, Gratuity Included
  • Clean and Odor Free vehicles
  • Non-Smoking vehicles
  • Well Maintained vehicles
  • Complimentary Bottled Water
  • USB plug ins for phone charging in most vehicles
  • We don't do short trips, (unless we are nearby, working, available, unscheduled - it is not our norm to take short trips.  This is usually our driver's down time between trips).
  • We don't do late night pickups after 10pm without hourly standby service throughout the evening.  (occasionally if the trip is large enough we may make special arrangements).
  • Our phones go to silent and are not answered between 11pm and 4am each night.
  • We may not answer the phone line if we are busy with other customers or driving.
  • Text message is the best way to communicate.  Please text your trip details and receive pricing information when our drivers are free to respond back between their trips.  (Text 281-753-2285).
  • Reservations - Our business is based on advance reservations, not immediate dispatching.  We occasionally can accommodate a last minute call for service that meets our minimum if we have an available driver nearby who is able to respond, but usually not.  What we do is coordinate having better drivers with better cars in place for you when you place a quality advance reservation.  This helps you get a much better value and service for your money and allows our drivers down time in between reservations.

Trusted  -  Reliable  -  Hassle Free

Serving these Greater Houston Area Communities:

  • West- West Houston, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Richmond, Memorial Villages, Energy Corridor
  • Southwest- Sugarland, Richmond, Missouri City
  • Northwest- The Woodlands, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, Willowbrook
  • Central - Houston, Downtown, Medical Center, Bellaire, West University, River Oaks, Greenway Plaza, Galleria, Reliant Center
  • Northeast- Kingwood, Humble, Conroe
  • Southeast- Friendswood, Pearland, Clearlake, Texas City
  • Out of Town Trips
  • Cruises - To/From Galveston and Bayport Cruise Ship Terminals

  Schedule a Better Experience - it doesn't have to cost more.

(Fact:  The City of Houston sets the same taxi rate for every taxi in Houston.)

For the same amount schedule a better trip experience with some of the best drivers available in Houston.  It doesn't have to cost you any more.  Whether you are a one time customer or a frequent traveler looking for a more responsive and reliable solution.  Skip the taxi or limo company dispatch lines and place your reservations with us and enjoy the difference as we take care of you personally. 

 A Better Match

Matching quality customers with quality drivers.  It is a great match.  We have quality drivers looking for good high quality customers and our customers like yourself are looking for good, reliable high quality service priced correctly.  We offer a much better match between customers and drivers for your next trip.  Schedule a better experience for your next trip.  Please see our testimonials section for recommendations.

 Bring Better Drivers To You

Schedule some of the best drivers in the Greater Houston areas.  These drivers may not be working in your area because we don't operate like a dispatch service requiring drivers to stay in an area until they get some business.  Our drivers work busy schedules crisscrossing the city taking care of clients.  Even if your driver was not working in your area they will be there now in time to take care of you because of your quality reservation.  Why work with only those in your area?  Get the best drivers available and create dependable long term relationship with your driver.  We love long term appreciative clients.

 Better Vehicles

We operate some of the most comfortable vehicles for a better customer experience.  We use Lincoln Town Car & Suburban Taxis and Limo Town Cars (unmarked Town Cars) and Suburbans.  The drivers we network with keep up with maintenance and keep our vehicles clean inside and out and in tip top shape.

 Better Value

Get more value for your money - We fill the niche between regular taxis services and limousine services. 

  • Some taxis services disappoint in reliability, standards of service and quality of drivers and vehicles. 
  • Some limousine services do better, but not always and often their prices are out of control with higher rates, fees and hidden costs. 
  • What if you could find the best taxi drivers available operating some of the best vehicles in Houston, not over pay with hidden fees or higher rates, get reliable reservations and even build long term relationship you could actually count on?  Solution:  Town Car Taxi Service


    We have the solution - Better reliable trip reservations with some of the best independent drivers in Houston operating through Town Car Taxi Service.  Think of us as a reservation gateway for you to find better taxi service in Houston, Texas.  We do Airport and Across Town trips usually scheduled in advance.  We are a collection of independent high quality drivers operating collectively setting higher standards and levels of customer satisfaction.

    Peace of Mind

    You can have Peace of Mind knowing your trip is being placed directly with some of the best and most reliable drivers availble in Houston.  There is no need to take who ever happens to be nearby - get the best.

     Modern Equipment in Each Vehicle*

    • GPS
    • iPads & iPhones
    • Square Mobile Credit Card Processing
    • Emailed Paperless Receipts

    *Some drivers may vary